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Heal from Narcissistic 

Life and Relationship Coach, Karen "Cookie" Sardis 


Work with Me

At Rising Higher Ministries, our Life and Relationship Coach, Karen A. Sardis, offers specialized group sessions addressing diverse community needs. Karen, having experienced narcissistic abuse, focuses on building self-worth and awareness to break the cycle of attracting narcissists.

Narcissist Group Sessions cover topics like Toxic Relationships, Co-Parenting with a Narcissist, and Support for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents. Participants learn about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, overcoming co-dependency, and reclaiming self-esteem.

Beyond narcissistic abuse, our ministry addresses various life challenges, including Drug Addiction, Grief, Job Issues, Mental Health, Terminal Illness, Life Goals, Marriage Counseling, and more.

Virtual weekly sessions led by Karen provide discussions, exercises, and science-based tools for growth and self-discovery. Members enjoy 45-minute monthly coaching sessions and a supportive community for sharing experiences.

Join Rising Higher Ministries to discover your life purpose, regain control, and experience collaborative healing. Invest in profound personal growth, and we look forward to working with you!

The Rising Higher Podcast


Listen and learn!

The Rising Higher Podcast is a safe space for healing and growth in your life. Prepare to not only survive, but thrive! Let's Rise Higher Together!

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Amy Warren

I want to take time to thank Coach Cookie. She is amazing. I am learning how to deal with my inner child and working on parenting myself.

Coach cookie has given me some great tools to use.

I am so gratefult to her for taking the time out to work with me.

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When I started working with Coach Cookie, I have to be honest, I was a COMPLETE MESS! I couldn’t figure anything  out emotionally and didn’t know WHAT was wrong with me! Throughout the process, Coach has given me insight, support, AND a new and improved way to deal with myself and with other people as well as set my mind towards my goals! I appreciate her greatly!

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Christian Sardis

Coach Cookie has managed to create a space for authentic communication and d me with tools that have turned my life around. I love her "real talk" approach. She's not afraid to compassionately keep you in line!  

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Brenna Seigel

Coach Cookie is an exceptional life coach who engages in genuine, practical discussions rather than hypothetical scenarios. She challenges your thoughts and actions with fresh ideas, providing homework assignments that foster personal growth and self-image healing. I highly recommend Coach Cookie for overcoming past issues and learning to move forward without carrying baggage.

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