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My Story

I didn’t have a child hood of severe trauma but at the same time there was not much nurturing or saying I love you. As I got older I remember being treated like the scape goat.   I was often asked, How come you can’t be like your sister?”  I was micromanaged to the point where I didn’t feel comfortable making my own decisions and I felt like I had to prove myself and work harder in order to be accepted.

The adults in my life were critical, they rarely praised or validated me as a child so I was disconnected from my emotional and physical needs.  As an adult I internalized this to mean “I’m not good enough”

My thinking was more emotional than rational and I developed the wrong concept of a relationship and for most of my adult life I ended up in toxic narcissistic abusive relationships.

The effects from being married to a pastor who was also a narcissist effected my children to the point where my son was hurt from emotional/psychological and sexual abuse and my daughter was later diagnosed with Schizophrenia.  After divorcing him I kept making the same mistakes and getting involved in toxic narcissistic relationships.

This journey was extremely difficult but after being tested in the fire for so many years the lord blessed me with the knowledge on how to break the vicious cycle of being in toxic abusive relationships. During the later phase of my healing journey I realized my life purpose when God put in my heart to start the “Rising Higher Podcast”

This ministry means everything to me and it doesn’t make a difference if it’s on my podcast, in a class, a coaching session or a live online chat the focus is for me to be a voice, encourage and motivate individuals who may be struggling with abuse or trauma and let them know that no matter how challenging or difficult your situation may be you are not alone and help is here to show you how to take control of your healing.


The change you want to see starts with you.

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